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"Love these warm up boots! They are the warmest boots we have ever owned.  Fabulous for eisteddfods when we are sitting around for ages." 

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This month we are featuring two incredibly talented dancers Lauren (14) and Evie (12) who are also sisters! We interviewed Lauren and Evie on how they have found training together at home, what they are most looking forward to when they return to the studio and what is it really like to compete against your own sister at competitions.


The Covid-19 virus is affecting everyone around the world including the lives of dancers and dance teachers. Many dance schools have closed, and competitions and performances either being cancelled or postponed.

There is good news, dance schools, dancers and dance companies have reached out to their communities and are offering online classes, training tips and access to live performances.

With so many exciting offerings available, we have put together a guide for what’s available online for dancers. 


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Find out how easy it is to add toggles to your dboots to make them uniquely yours. 

Discover how dboots are different to your usual warm up boots.